Spit hire price covers weekend (2 day) hire.

All other prices are for a 24 hour hire period unless specified.

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Please note:  Spit hire does not include the supply of meat.



Deluxe spit (gas holds 70 kg of meat)$175
Kebab spit (holds 20kgs meat)$125
Large spit (gas holds 30 kg of meat)$120
Large charcoal spit (holds 30kg of meat)$110
Small spit ( gas holds 10kg of meat)$85
Small spit ( charcoal 10 kg of meat )$75
Large Oven (gas ideal for finger food 5 shelves)$120
Bain Marie Two Pot$35
Bain Marie Four Pot$65
Soup kettle$35
Urn - 8.8 litres$20



24 hours

24 Litres mix
50 cups
50 straws$180

24 hours

48 litres mix
100 cups
100 straws$220

48 hours – weekend hire

48 litres mix
100 cups
100 straws$260



Tables (timber trestles to seat 10 adults ) 2400 x 660mm$15 each
Tables (Round white to seat 10) 1800mm$17 each
Table cloths for round tables$9 each
Tables (Plastic trestles to seat 10) 2440x750mm$12
Chairs (bistro with arms ) $2.75 each
Chairs (Blue, no arms)$2.75 each
Chair covers$1.50
Kids tables (Seat 10)$12
Kids chairs$2.50



Marquee 3 x 6m
6 sided, 3 walls
we set it up and take it down.
Wine barrels$40ea
Sign table$40ea
Doors (decor)$40ea
Wine or champagne glasses65c each