Frozen Cocktail Recipes


Make your own superb frozen cocktails and daiquiris with these recipe ideas.


Fruit Tingle

Fruity Fizzy taste sensation made from Banana, Pineapple, Orange and Grape slush

Add: Vodka or Bacardi Rum (White Rum)


Mango Tango

Very summery tasting mix

Add: Vodka or Bacardi Rum (White Rum)


Orange Punch

A knockout Orange flavoured mix

Add: Vodka or Tequila


Icy Blue

Blueberry flavoured drink, great fun colour and flavour

Add: Vodka



The famous ‘Sex in the City’ drink. Fun for the ladies with a taste of Cranberry, Lime and Orange

Add: Cointreau and Vodka



Fruity cocktail with Orange, Lime and Watermelon flavour

Add: Midori and Vodka


Black Gold

Dedicated to the Bourbon and Scotch drinkers

Add: Bourbon or Scotch


Pina Colada

Strong tropical drink, perfect for that hot summer night/day. Made with the perfect mix of Pineapple and Coconut

Add: Malibu or Bacardi


Sex on the Beach

Made from the blended flavours of Cranberry, Orange, Peach and Pineapple

Add: Peach Schnapps & Vodka



Add:  Tequila and a lime slice.



Add: Tequila and fresh mint.